Top 5 Halloween Designs

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Happy Halloween! Repko wanted to share with you our 5 favorite Halloween 3D printed designs. Get into the festive spirit and start printing some of these awesome designs below!

1. Candy Bowl Skull

This 4-piece print set will be sure to spook any trick or treaters that show up at your door. This candy bowl is the perfect accessory to the holiday season.

Download the files here.

3D Printed Skull


2. Jack-O-Lantern

No Halloween is complete without a Jack-O-Lantern. This design works with both big and small prints. With a removable top and awesome detail, be sure to add this print to your decorations this year.

Download the files here.

3D Printed Jack O Lantern.

3. Cookie Cutters

Halloween isn’t just for candy! Get this spooky cookie cutter and many other designs on Thingiverse. These will be sure to bring the family together.

Download the files here.

3D Printed Cookie Cutter

4. Halloween Stamps

Have fun decorating this season with the festive stamps! This entire collection will bring everyone into the Halloween spirit.

Download the files here.

3D Printed Stamps

5. Pumpkin Carver

You can’t create the perfect Jack-O-Lantern without the proper tools. This awesome design can be used as a pumpkin carver or scraper to streamline the carving process and reduce cleanup.

Download the files here.

3D Printed Pumpkin Carver



As always be sure to check on our site to get all the materials you need for these designs. We have a great selection of PLA and ABS in orange, black, white and purple as well as many others. Perfect for the holiday season. Check out our catalog.



Repko did not produce, design, or purchase any of the designs & images listed above. Repko does not claim any ownership to any of these designs. All designs were obtained from Thingiverse.

Always ensure you use dishwasher safe material when needed as well as consumable safe material when printing.

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