The Current Impact of 3D Printing

3D printing or additive manufacturing has now impacted nearly every major industry.

Due to rising interest and familiarity with the technology, 2020 projections show that there will be 6.7 million units of additive manufacturing technology shipped.

Currently 3D printing is making its largest impact in the automotive and aerospace engineering sectors, however this increased interest can expect to see other sectors begin to take off. Electronic and pharmaceutical industries are beginning to utilize 3D printing for prototyping and design capabilities as well.

Although plastic is currently dominating the market, the emergence of automotive and aerospace sectors are expected to increase the metals market in the near future.

As for the current markets and industries that are not yet fully utilizing additive manufacturing, we are seeing R&D into finding ways to implement this technology into their future business models.

The graph below illustrates the current figures regarding 3D printing.

Business Insider - World of 3D Printing


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