Repko Top 5 Prints of the Week 03/28/18

Repko 5 Prints of the Week

Greetings from Repko! This week we wanted to bring you 5 critically acclaimed designs that will get you the most out of your 3D printer. Stock up on plenty of filamentdownload, and show us what you made on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram. Let’s get started!


  1. 3D Scanner Turntable for Cell Phones:

This truly remarkable design by David Clark allows you to print a functional 3D scanner right in your home. Now all you need is your iPhone and a quick download of some photogrammetry freeware. There are endless possibilities and the design is regularly updated to ensure proper functionality! Download here and print today!

3D iPhone Scanner

  1. Digital Sundial

Battery free and one of a kind – this design by Mojoptix is truly awesome. With some simple household supplies this splendid sun dial can be yours. Print here.


  1. Spool Holder

Nothing intricate or mighty but how incredibly useful. You are sure to find plenty of different designs to fit your style but here is an awesome one by ObviousNinja. Print yours today right here!

Spool holder

  1. Filament Alarm

Let this great design by Mr EC notify you when you’re almost out of filament! Although some further fine tuning will be needed – the beginning stage looks like a very promising print for others to tweak and perfect. Download here!

Filament Alarm

  1. Lock Pick Set

Enhance your skillset on a very underappreciated talent. This lock pick design by Pirateprincess could provide you an ability that could become very useful. Just make sure you use your new talents for good! Download here:

Lock Pick Set

Repko does not claim ownership nor profit from any of the images or designs above. All designs were obtained from independent publishers and attained from Thingiverse & Pinshape.

Remember – Repko is determined to meet your printing needs. Send us a message on TwitterFacebookInstagram, or and let us know what you think of our printers and filaments. If you require any materials or equipment we don’t currently have in our catalog – let us know and we will explore all possibilities to ensure we meet your needs. Happy Printing!