Recycling 3D Printer Filament: Tips to Save Money and the Environment

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Recycling Filament

As with most 3D printing enthusiasts, for every successful print, there could be a failed print. The abundance of unsuccessful prints can leave plenty of material that continues to pile up and may feel wasted.

Plenty of others have noticed this unfortunate trend and are discovering ways to reuse their material once again. After all, utilizing recycled material can lead to cost reduction and waste reduction.

When collecting your material to be printed – it is very important that you use a single type of material and not mix. Also, two types of material, such as ABS or PLA, may not be the same so it is recommended that you use materials that are close as possible to one another.

If you think you want to start recycling your material, it is important to start the process as soon as possible as old material can be too dry and frail to form successful future prints.

When shredding your gathered material, smaller is always better. There are a variety of shredders for purchase online. For example, we have tried the Filabot Filament Extruder Once it’s shredded, the remaining pellets are fed through an extruder where your old filament becomes new filament.

The last step is printing. Always remember to clean your machine thoroughly and often.

An informative article about that process can be found here.

Recycling your filament is one way you can definitely reduce your environmental footprint and increase sustainability. Although not all of your material may be able to be reused, it is also an opportunity to save some time and money.

Check out the benefits of recycling your used plastics here:

3D printing and additive manufacturing has the ability to make an enormous impact on the world. With these methods – now it can reduce its environmental impact as well.

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