Could Your Next Home Be 3D Printed?

Building a home can be a long, tedious and expensive process. One San Francisco startup is changing that mentality with the help of 3D printing.

Apis Cor, along with other partnering companies, successfully printed a home in 24 hours all for around $10,000.

Utilizing an industrial sized, mobile 3D printer – the house was built in its entirety – all without having to be assembled.

Apis Cor 3D Printed Home on Youtube

This project is a significant milestone not only due to its impressive ability to build a home fast and cheap, but because it demonstrates the value that 3D printing can provide on a large scale. The home, built in a circle, is not your traditional style home. However, due to the limitless build restrictions additive manufacturing provides as well as the impressive design of the printer itself, the home can be built and constructed in an infinite number of ways.

The price at only around $10,000 is impressive and will lead to immense cost savings, even when when you factor in the remaining furnishings and final touch costs that the home will need once printed. Also, the owners design could influence the price point but it is still well under the $180,000 price tag that comes with the average American home.

The printer itself is very distinctive. It has the ability to print both inside and outside the home. It’s relatively small size makes it ideal to transport, and it’s built in alignment and stabilization system makes the setup and preparation a quick and painless process. Also, the risk for construction error and complications are eliminated because the printer is building off of a verified design.

This is a significant milestone in the 3D printing industry. Additive manufacturing technology is revolutionizing the engineering and construction field, which was already thought to be at its best. Although there is still plenty to improve upon – Apis Cor took a significant step in revolutionizing the role 3D printers can take in construction site on a global scale.

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