5 Stylish Household Objects to 3D Print

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Fun and useful, here are 5 stylish household objects to 3D Print.


Flower Pots:

Whether you want a traditional style or something more unique – there are hundreds of different types of flower pot designs available. Check out some of our favorites:
Triangulated Flower Pot
Source: Flower Pot by Bluebie at Thingiverse
Flower Pot by AndresQuijas
Source: Flower Pot by AndresQuijas at Thingiverse


Get organized and display your belongings in style with these exceptional and customizable shelf designs. Links below:
Hexagonal Shelves by gpvillamil at Thingiverse
Source: Customizable Hexagonal Shelves by gpvillamil at Thingiverse
Mini Organization Shelves from Thingiverse
Source: Mini Organizational Shelves by SpaceNRobots at Thingiverse


Light up your room with these awesome designs! Check out Thingiverse’s featured print of the week!
3D Articulating Lamp from Thingiverse

Source: 3D Printed Articulating Lamp by igorF2 at Thingiverse


Impress your guests with this custom coach coasters! Want a more traditional style? Check out these with very intricate designs.
Couch Coaster at Thingiverse
Source: Final-Four Couch Coaster by csembroski at Thingiverse

Pet Mat:

Reduce clean up and add a little flare to your pets home with these easy to clean pet mats!
Litter Box Mat
Source: Cat Litter Box Mat by TimCC at Thingiverse




Repko did not produce, design, or purchase any of the designs & images listed above. Repko does not claim any ownership to any of these designs. All designs were obtained from Thingiverse under Creative Commons License.

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