5 Prints for this Holiday Season!

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Put your printer to good use this season to create the perfect ensemble of holiday decorations for your home. You could even give friends or a loved one a thoughtful creation as a gift without breaking the bank this year. Here at Repko we wanted to provide you with some of our favorite designs to try out. Happy holidays and have fun!

1.) Holiday Christmas Deer

 These 3D printed deer will instantly transform your home and put you into the holiday spirit. Customize colors to match your decorations and taste. Adding custom paint or designs can really make these stand out. You could even make a Rudolf for the kids! Get the link below:


 (courtesy of thingiverse)

(courtesy of thingiverse)

2.) Christmas Star

Every tree needs a good topper and this one surely wont disappoint. A good design for a beginner or an experienced printer – this star could stay on top of your tree for years to come. You can even make a new holiday tradition by printing a new one every year. Customize colors or paint to fit your style. Get the link below:



 (courtesy of thingiverse)

3.) Christmas Tree

A traditional tree too big for your place or too much of a hassle this year? Save the time, money, and effort and print out your very own right at home! This design sure wont take up a lot of space but will be just enough to get your home ready for the holidays! Get the link below:



(courtesy of thingiverse)

4.) Ornament

Tree ornaments costs can add up, they always seem to disappear, and they force you to stick to the same theme every year. Get creative by printing out your own this year. With multiple designs out there, your tree will surely be one of kind. Plus – being shatter proof – you never will have to worry about breaking and clean up again. Here is one of our favorite designs, download this and see all the other possible options out there. Get the link below:



(courtesy of thingiverse)


Snowflakes always seem to put you in the winter spirit. Turn your home into a winter wonderland with this great design for you to print. This, along with plenty of the other winter decorations available will get your home ready for the season. Get the link below:


(courtesy of thingiverse)

DISCLAIMER: Repko does not claim ownership of designs or images listed above. All designs and images were obtained from thingiverse.com and produced by independent creators. Repko does not profit from any of these designs or images. Always use safe materials when printing. 

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